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What We Do

Students and their families participate in sustainable gardening effort so experimental learning can be integrated with hands-on STEAM applications. To assist, professional development experts in the area of science, teaching, and business work closely with the participates to actively collaborate on the learning objectives. By understanding the needs of the individuals in our programs, the team collects data in order to demonstrate and monitor our programming. 

From this new knowledge, individuals will learn where food originates, but they also will grow herbs, vegetables and fruits in their environment. In addition to that, participants will know how to compost food from recycled materials and worms to generate rich, fertile soil. Our program empowers youth and their families the experience the life-cycle of food similarly to a rural farm, but within the environment in which the individuals live. Technology and engineering is meaningfully integrated so the participants have a clear understanding how STEAM impacts us all personally and professionally.

The entrepreneurship program is an opportunity to apply the STEAM-based learning to business. Working closely with our partners, the participants continue to grow and harvest food, while learning fundamental business practices for starting and owning a business. Experts from throughout the community share their advice and expertise regarding the business world, while providing individuals an insight to what business ownership really means.

The George Washington Carver Food Research Institute (GWCFRI) is dedicated to providing educational services and materials to “at risk” students and their families, We work in schools, org​anizations, and throughout the community in the areas of food production, nutrition, self-esteem/development and entrepreneurship.