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Four Pillars- The Importance & Interconnectedness

George Washington Carver Food Research Institute provides policy and governance that lends itself our unique abilities to communicate with educators, NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders to make more informed choices and decisions to enhance and sustain the local community. This inter-relatedness enables diverse individuals to come together for the good of the greater community, nation, and world.      


  • ​Today's students and teachers need more support as our nation is asking educational professionals to do more critical thinking, problem-solving, and "real" application in the schools in order to complete more effectively in the global economy   
  • ​By using food concepts to teach STEM-related content, we bridge the technical with real life experiences that participants can relate to and enjoy.  


  • Tomorrow's jobs will be from job creators more than anytime in U.S. history.
  • We show individuals what is takes to operate a successful business. 

Health & Wellness

  • Ohio is tied for eighth place for the highest percentage of food insecurity in the nation. 
  • Obesity and Malnutrition are major epidemics in the United States, especially in economically-depressed communities. 

Workforce & International Economic Development

  • The food and beverage industry is the largest employer and job creator in the world, the U.S, and in the state of Ohio.
  • Our organization supports workforce and economic development through interventions and technologies based on rigorous research throughout the world.
  • We partner with local stakeholders to frame local policy needs and implement strategies and sustainable programs that positively impacts disadvantaged individuals with employment and business skills.